About Us

At The Cookline, we know that your kitchen is the backbone of your business and that running out of space is not an option. You must have room to allow your business to grow, and there reaches a point when your home kitchen is no longer accommodating to all of your culinary needs. You need a space that allows you to spread out and work without compromising the space required for all of your necessary cooking equipment. We recognize that this is an area of great concern for an aspiring chef, and we have stepped into the scene in the Dallas area cooking community to offer a solution that will allow you to strengthen your talents and enhance your business.

The Cookline provides a workable kitchen and office space that is comprised of over 6,000 square feet and houses a multitude of various amenities for our kitchen clients to rent. We know that hauling your own equipment and supplies around wherever you go is a hassle, and we seek to provide our clients with the option of making their job much easier in that regard. We have a vast array of pots, pans, utensils and pieces of equipment that satisfy many client’s needs when it comes to their kitchen requirements, but we also welcome our clients to bring their own supplies from home that can be utilized and then stored here at an affordable price until their next use.

Only minutes from Dallas, our kitchen provides the perfect setup for you to move around with plenty of elbow room and put together those specialty dishes.

The Cookline Owners
Renee & Kevin Spratlen

We have:

  • 4 Convection Ovens
  • 4 Standard ovens
  • 16 burners
  • 20qt mixers
  • Chargriller
  • Flat top griddle
  • Electric Smoker
  • 20 prep tables
  • Day Use Refrigeration
  • Plenty of pots and pans and utensils

Once you’ve created your specialty in our kitchen, don’t forget to rent our dedicated multi-purpose/packaging room! We also have 10 offices available to help grow your business, as well as a 400 square foot dry storage area that is available for rent.

We look forward to talking to you more about the many opportunities that are available to The Cookline clients! We know that our space will quickly become your space and that time spent here will deepen your love for your culinary craft.


The Cookline

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