We are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Our facility is locked at all times. We provide you with a passcode to gain access to the kitchen at any time.

The best thing to do is to call or email and schedule a tour. After the tour we will give you a packet of information with everything you will need to get started with us.

To start cooking with us we need the following from you: Completed client application, completed and signed lease agreement, initialed and signed policies and procedures document, general liability policy, a copy of your certified food managers license, and the $300 annual membership fee.

Our rates for kitchen time start at $30 per hour and go as low as $20 per hour for a high volume of hours booked every month.

There are several websites that offer the course. One is https://www.servsafe.com/ and another is http://www.learn2serve.com/

There are also instructor led courses taught at most community colleges.

No. We do require an annual membership fee of $300.

Yes. Our landlord who owns the shopping center requires us to have insurance as well as our clients that cook in our kitchen. The insurance coverage will need to be for $1 million with a $2 million aggregate.

There are several local companies that provide general liability coverage. We recommend a company that specializes in food based businesses called FLIP (Food Liability Insurance Program). You can apply online and usually have insurance within 24 hours. Their website is https://www.fliprogram.com/ 

Yes. You are required to sign a 6 month lease. You have a monthly minimum of 10 hours you must use every month.

Maybe. Our kitchen is pretty well equipped but if you have a special something that you need you will probably want to bring it with you.

Yes you can. We have spaces for fridges, freezers, specialized cooking equipment etc. There is a monthly charge to leave equipment at our kitchen.

Yes. We have a large room for dry storage where you can rent a rolling rack from us and keep your non-perishable items, personal cookware, etc and not have to haul it with you every time you come in to cook.

Yes we do. We have offices with or without a window. Each office is about 90 sq ft.

No. Our clients usually bring their own countertop commercial fryers or just fry on the stove.

Yes you do. This is a shared kitchen and everyone is expected to clean up after themselves.

No. We provide all cleaning supplies you will need.