Choosing Gourmet Snacks For Your Wine Tasting Event

Hosting a wine tasting event is a fantastic way to get people together in a relaxed setting. Wine tastings are ideal for networking, promoting a business, or casual socializing. Most people enjoy the opportunity to mingle, learn more about wine and taste some great varieties. Although the wine is the star here, you’ll need some delicious gourmet snacks to round out the experience. Drinking wine tends to stimulate the appetite. Also, the right snacks will enhance the experience by cleansing the palate between each wine. Choose simple, crowd-pleasing finger foods that don’t have overpowering flavors.

Choosing Gourmet Snacks For Your Wine Tasting Event

Fruit Skewers

Fresh or dried fruit can be a wonderful, refreshing complement for many varieties of wines. Prepare wooden skewers with tasty bites of mango, grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe, and strawberries. For additional sweetness, add dates and dried apricots. Guests will enjoy how this snack highlights the fruity notes in each sip of wine.

Cheese Plate

There’s a good reason that a nice cheese spread is the most classic pairing for a wine tasting. The oils in the cheese help cut the acidity in wine while the saltiness enhances subtle flavors. Set up a delicious plate with a range of hard, nutty cheeses and softer cheeses like Brie and Camembert. Steer clear of stinky cheeses, which are so strong they will overpower the wine.


Whether you keep it simple with just a little salt or add in some butter or caramel, popcorn is a hit at wine tastings. The lightness of this versatile snack makes it delicious with wine. Popcorn also has a great texture to absorb some of the alcohol and cleanse the palate.

Dark Chocolate

This particular snack is best served with a full-bodied red wine. Encourage guests to alternate between sips of wine and bites of the chocolate. The luscious combination of high-quality dark chocolate and red wine will elevate both flavors.

Bread With Flavored Dips

Fresh bread is one of the most traditional pairings for wine, as a great palate cleanser and a method for enjoying delicious dips. Your guests will enjoy choosing between savory options like seasoned olive oil, tapenade or hummus.

Having a successful event will depend on more than just choosing great wines and preparing delicious gourmet snacks. You also need to pick the right venue that has everything you need to throw an enjoyable evening. Contact us to learn more about holding your wine tasting at The Cookline.