Wine Tastings: Do Wines Really Taste Different From One Another?

You may have thought it before or heard someone else mention it that wine simply tastes like alcohol and there is no difference between the different wines that are available. Of course, the major differences come between whether you are drinking a white wine versus a red wine, for example. However, it does go much deeper than this, which you begin to learn as you dive into the world of wine tasting.

Wine Tastings: Do Wines Really Taste Different From One Another?

Wine tastings are fun, so even if you aren’t sure how different one white wine can taste from another, you will learn this over time and eventually develop a taste for a certain white wine over another.

The Color Theory:

Similarly to the color theory, which is a big wheel of colors that practically goes on forever because there are so many different colors, wine is very much like this. For example, let’s say you want to paint your bedroom blue. Well, there are many different types of blues, such as sky blue, navy blue, and even turquoise, which has it’s own shades in and of itself. The blue color that you choose is based off your own opinion.

The same is true for wine. Eventually, you are going to craft your own opinion for the types of wines that are good versus the types of wines that are okay or not very good at all.


After going to a few wine tastings, you definitely notice the general gist of how a wine is tasted. At some point, you smell the wine. Why is this? All wines have a different aroma, much like the many different foods that we eat. When you smell the wine, you not only gain a sense of the aroma, but you increase the sensation of taste. Combining smell with taste triggers the brain to automatically make the sensation of taste that much stronger. So, essentially, you can do this when consuming anything and it’s going to heighten your sense of taste. This makes comparing wines much easier.

In the end, it all comes down to opinion. Wine tastings are great fun in this sense because you develop your own opinions and really begin to deepen your understanding of the differences in all kinds of wines.

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