Choosing a Venue for Hosting a Cooking Class

Hosting a cooking class is a great way to get your services known in your community and make a little profit in the meantime. You need a larger facility to give your attendees plenty of room, something your current commercial kitchen cannot accommodate.

You can rent a kitchen venue that has the space, utensils, appliances, and commercial stoves and ovens you need to make your cooking class a success. Here are tips to help you choose the best venue for your needs.

Choosing a Venue for Hosting a Cooking Class


How many people do you plan on having attend your cooking class? The larger the attendance numbers, the larger kitchen and counter space you need. You need enough room for your students to be able to sit and learn cooking tips as well as demonstrate what they have learned.

Commercial kitchens designed for a large staff will meet your needs best. Seek a venue that has several thousand square feet of kitchen space as well as an open area for teaching so you have a professional location to give your attendees their money’s worth.


Parking is a concern when hosting a large cooking class because students will need to have room to easily access the building. You also need parking for your own vehicle so you can get in and out of the building with your teaching and cooking supplies with ease.

You also need a location that is easy for you to find and for your students to easily drive to. Choose a venue that is in a known part of town so your location is a convenience for the community you plan on teaching.


You don’t want the price of the venue you rent for hosting your cooking class to surpass what your total student enrollment fees will be. Speak to commercial kitchen consultants to work out a rental price that is satisfactory to both you and the company you rent from. You can charge your students their entry fees according to what your rental fees will be.

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