Ready to Try Your Hand at Food Writing?

Do you enjoy reading magazines and blogs full of food-related content? Ready to flex those writing muscles yourself? Food writing not only exposes you to a wider audience, but it also can increase your bottom line.

If you’re not sure you have the writing ability, there are plenty of courses and workshops online to learn food-writing skills. These range from food article writing to blogging to recipes.

So, how can you get started?  Here are a few ideas.

Ready to Try Your Hand at Food Writing?

Start your own food-related blog

The success of the Julie and Julia blog is just one example of what you can do with a food-related blog. While the writer of this blog, which eventually became a book and a movie, wasn’t a food entrepreneur, you are, so imagine what you’ll be able to share. First, determine a theme for your overall blog, then add it to your already existing website or create a new blog website. Many brands offer affiliate programs where you add a link to their products on your blog, and you get paid a percentage for those who click and buy.

Guest post on other blogs

If you’re hesitant about starting your own blog, give it a test-run by writing guest posts on other people’s blogs. They don’t have to be completely food-related blogs either. You may already be a superfan of some out there, so approach them with unique ideas and go from there.

Create an e-newsletter

E-newsletters are exploding. Maybe you already get a few of these in your inbox every month. Consider creating your own newsletter or joining one already out there. One idea is to get with other food entrepreneurs you know and combine email lists.

Submit article ideas to your favorite publications

Consider submitting article ideas to one of the many publications catering to those who share your passion. These can be local and national magazines and newspapers, both online and print, and also trade magazines. You should be able to find each publications’ writer’s guidelines online.

Ready to get started on your food writing career? If so, be sure to check out our commercial kitchen rental here at The Cookline. You can try out new recipes or conduct your own photo shoot to add stunning how-to and final dish pictures to all your writing projects.