Five Reasons You Need a Shared Kitchen

You might be wondering if you really need a shared kitchen for your food business. It’s tempting to use your own home kitchen instead, but renting space in a commercial kitchen might be the smarter choice. Here are five reasons a shared kitchen might be perfect for you and your small food business:

Five reasons you need a shared kitchen

  • Cost:  Starting your own business comes with many overhead costs. Renting a shared kitchen can save you money compared to renovating your own kitchen. When you’re just starting out, it’s useful to have a temporary space to test your products before scaling up.
  • Convenience: A shared kitchen will have everything you need to create your food products, along with refrigerator and storage space for your products.
  • Legal Issues: Small food businesses face many regulations and restrictions, which can vary state to state. Renting space in a shared kitchen helps you overcome legal hurdles. You can rest easy knowing the kitchen is up to date with all the necessary licenses and permits.
  • Community: Renting space in a shared kitchen comes with a built-in community of other local food entrepreneurs. Work next to your peers and build business relationships while you cook!
  • Resources: A shared kitchen can offer more than just a space to cook. At the Cookline, you’ll also have access to an event room to hold tastings, classes, client meetings and more.

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Shared kitchens have led to success for small businesses around the country. Will yours be one of them?