Kitchen Rental Facility in Plano Helps Startups Get Saucy

For years, you’ve been mixing up special barbecue sauces and other artesian condiments that everyone raves about. So with the warm weather finally on the horizon, you can’t help but think about bottling and selling the condiments at local events. But with the limited resources available at home, you wonder if this is even possible. There’s the FDA approval process to get through not to mention producing enough bottles to handle expected demand. Is it all possible on a short deadline and shoestring budget? Kitchen Rental Facility in Plano Helps Startups Get Saucy

Kitchen Rental Facility in Plano Helps Startups Get Saucy

Yes, it is possible if you consider using a kitchen rental facility. A high quality, kitchen rental facility gives condiment kings and queens in the making access to everything they need to get started. For example, let’s take rentals The Cookline offers start-up condiment companies currently operating in the Greater Dallas area.

For starters, the kitchen rental facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So fitting in time to make a batch of condiments big enough to stock a booth at the weekend farmer’s market is definitely no problem. The same could be said for creating samples for a grocery store pitch meeting or any other sales opportunity you could think of off the top of your head.

And if you’re just starting the FDA approval process, that’s no problem too. The Cookline’s kitchen rental facilities offer more than just round the clock access to commercial culinary essentials. There is state of the art office space available too. Accordingly, you can create label mock-ups, run shelf-life tests, check barbecue sauce acidity and then send all of the information off to the FDA’s approval team.

In addition, the kitchen rental facilities also include event space. Understandably, that’s going to be important when it comes time to celebrate that FDA approval letter or first big sale. To learn more about the event space and its relationship to The Cookline’s kitchen rental facility, please contact us today.