Fun That You Can Even Eat! Host Jams & Jelly Canning Classes

Canning jams, jellies and preserves is a historical art form that sprang up ages ago. Innovative people have been experimenting with canning processes for centuries, and today creative minds continue to come up with new innovations. Fun That You Can Even Eat! Host Jams & Jelly Canning Classes.

Fun That You Can Even Eat! Host Jams & Jelly Canning Classes

A Bit of Jam History:

“To appreciate today’s gourmet jam and the artisans that create it, one must look to the past and understand it’s journey from the Kings and Queens who regaled in its delicate creation, the settlers who relied on its nutritional value and sustainability, to the troops that utilized the quick energy jam would provide them during battle.

It has been suggested that the preservation of fruit historically dates back to the crusades when soldiers brought the process back from the Middle East.

Although mankind has used many ways to preserve food in the last sixty thousand years, it is only in the last two hundred that methods have been developed that preserve food in a state that is close to its original fresh form. The first steps toward modern preservation methods were spurred by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1785. His desire to feed his armies led him to offer a reward for anyone who could devise a safe and reliable way to preserve the food they needed. Thus the experimentation began.”

Today the USDA even has publications on the subject of canning jams and jellies. The benefits of this activity are numerous. If you are a creative individual, learning to can fresh fruits as jams or jellies has great appeal. Gardeners and growers can add another ingredient to their cooking and baking skills. Community-minded folks will love being able to support local farmers and growers as well as knowing that in these jams and jellies they are eating “clean”. Clean eating consists of eliminating processed foods from your diet and eating only foods with no preservatives or artificial additives.

If the vision of you teaching others how to include colorful jams and jellies into their storage cupboard excites you, call The Cookline today and register to host a class!