Grow Your Business By Renting a Larger Kitchen

Growing your catering business can become a challenge, especially if you have a large client base with more orders than you can deliver. This is where renting a larger kitchen space comes into the picture to effectively and efficiently fulfill your client’s orders. Suppose you’re looking to rent larger kitchen space to grow your business, then this article is for you.

Grow your business by renting a larger kitchen

Benefits of Renting a Larger Kitchen

Essentially, renting a kitchen is less risky and expensive than building your own. By renting a larger kitchen space for your food production business, you’ll enjoy the following benefits;

It’s Less Risky

Not only is it risky to take a lease on building a kitchen but also risky, meaning the construction loan and the lease might tie you down to an unprecedented financial crisis. However, a good kitchen space will offer you up to 45 days to opt out of a contract without buying the remaining agreement.

Fully licensed Space

Renting a kitchen space means no need to worry about licensing, repairs or building codes or OSHA requirements, among other things. Since your landlord has that burden to bear, you and your team can focus on stepping up your food production business.


Generally, building a kitchen is more expensive than renting one. Plus, you’ll most likely lose that investment once you move out, as you can only take with you your equipment. In renting, you can always move from one kitchen space to another without losing any investment making it more affordable.

Bottom line

The cost required to rent kitchen space to expand your business varies from tenant to tenant and also size. Different landlords have their own charging rates, and also it depends on the agreement between the two of you—for example, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly payment rate.

If you need to rent a larger kitchen to grow your business, at The Cookline, we have some of the largest rental spaces spanning up to 6,000 square feet, capable of housing all your kitchen equipment. You can reach us or speak to us one on one, feel free to call (469) 209-4919.