The Great Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Rental This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and for those of us with a large extended family that means a dinner and desserts worthy of needing commercial kitchen rental. As you’re trying to plan out how you can possibly bake all those cookies in one oven and how long they’ll last if you start baking around Halloween, consider the idea of taking all your ingredients to a commercial kitchen and cooking everything at once in one day.

The Great Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Rental This Holiday Season

The Beauty of Multiple Ovens

Don’t you ever wish while you’re cooking a holiday meal that you had another oven, or two or three or four? Commercial kitchen rental means that you finally have all the space you need. You can prep multiple meals, get them into the oven, and then start on the next thing. With multiple ovens you don’t have to wait until the cookies are done baking at 350 degrees to get the potatoes in that need to cook at 425 degrees. You can do all of it at once.

Counter Space Galore

No more switching the standing mixer out for the cooling racks. When you utilize commercial kitchen rental you have more counter space than you could ever dream to have. While you’re fully defrosting the turkey under a cold water faucet, you can use a different spot to clean as you go and prep side dishes. When your cookies come out of the oven you can set them all out to cool at once and then have all the space you need for decorating. Move pies and cupcakes off to the side while you chop up the ingredients for your famous special stuffing recipe. Counter real estate is no longer a fight between the cookie sheets and the cutting boards.

Floor Mats and Easy Cleaning

Like every person who has cooked a commercial kitchen worthy family dinner, you know how to clean as you go pretty efficiently. As you’re whipping around the kitchen in your perfectly executed plan, things are bound to fall on the floor. A commercial kitchen is set up to handle this safely so that you can keep moving and then clean it all up easily later. No more flower accidentally falling onto the rug between your kitchen and living area. The beautiful dark marble on your home countertops can remain pristine as you use the stainless steel and tile floors of your commercial kitchen rental. Contact us to find out how you can use a commercial kitchen for your next big holiday meal!