Food Tasting Curbside Service Kit

Let people get a taste of your business during times of uncertainty by creating a curbside service tasting kit for customers to take home and sample in the comfort of their own home. This a great way to have people test out your take-out menu and see what items they’d like to order for next time. Here’s how to do create a food tasting curbside service kit.

Food Tasting Curbside Service Kit

Create a Take-out Demo Menu

Your menu is the best tool to market your business. Create an exclusive tasting menu that highlights your best dishes. When customers come to pick up their tasting kit leave them with a copy of your full menu or a link to your website where the menu can be viewed.

Demonstrate Your Brand with Tasteful Packaging

Use to-go containers that sport your logo and demonstrate your brand. If it’s in your budget, try putting some great pictures of the complete dishes on a to-go box or create a packaging that has an image gallery of your best dishes in the lid as chocolate boxes do.

Schedule a Zoom Call

If you can’t be there in person during the food tasting, schedule a Zoom call meeting with your customer. Set up your computer or smartphone in our tasting room or one of our offices. Create a tasteful backdrop display for the video camera to express your brand. Walk your customers through the tasting once they get home. Have a menu handy just in case, use screen share, and show the customer your menu while you talk about your dishes.

Even though times may a bit uncertain and there are new protocols in place, that doesn’t mean you can’t create a lovely unique tasting experience for your customers to enjoy. Find out how to rent our facilities or an office at The Cookline contact us today.