Understanding Ghost Kitchens and Their Purpose

As kitchens function around the world, you may hear about different types. For example, standard restaurant kitchens cook food for customers to eat. However, you may wonder what ghost kitchens offer, since you may hear about them on occasion. Since not everyone knows what ghost kitchens are or what they do, we wanted to talk about ghost kitchens to help you understand them and their purpose.

Understanding Ghost Kitchens and Their Purpose

What Are Ghost Kitchens?

Ghost kitchens are standard kitchens that cook food for other businesses. For example, a sit-down restaurant may have plenty of business during lunch and dinner. However, that same restaurant may have tons of downtime between meals. When this happens, some restaurants may become ghost kitchens, so they can cook for other restaurants.

This means they may cook Italian food, but they might also bake cookies or cook burgers for another business. Ghost kitchens usually cook for delivery services, so businesses don’t have to get a dedicated kitchen.

The Purpose of Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens exist, so restaurants can make money when they have downtime. This happens since the company offers money to the ghost kitchen when they cook for them. This allows both the ghost kitchen and the company to make money.

Ghost kitchens exist since the main company doesn’t own a restaurant in the area. This means the company can’t cook the food on its own, so it has another restaurant cook the food for its customers. The company focuses on delivering the food, so the kitchen doesn’t have to worry about customers while the company helps them both make money.


Ghost kitchens exist to help kitchens maintain their businesses and maximize their profits. Now that you understand ghost kitchens, you can determine if you want to utilize them or turn your business into one. If you are interested in using a ghost kitchen or are interested in our rentable commercial kitchens at The Cookline, give us a call today!