Use a Commercial Kitchen to Share Your Culinary Expertise with Others

If you’re a chef, then you must have thought of sharing your culinary expertise with others. In addition to preparing wonderful meals and desserts for your customers, there’s a lot of satisfaction to be gained from teaching cooking classes to people who could really do with the instruction. Plus, this also gives many chefs a whole new career path that they can explore instead of, or along with, working in a restaurant or café.

Use a Commercial Kitchen to Share Your Culinary Expertise with Others

Equipment Needed for Cooking Classes

If you’re teaching a group of people, you’re going to need a lot of equipment. Let’s say you’re running a cooking class for 10 people. That means you’ll need 10 burners, 10 prep tables, possibly 10 mixers and a number of pots and pans. Even if you have two students sharing one workstation, you’ll need 5 burners, 5 prep tables and a number of pots and pans.

It’s impossible to have this kind of equipment at home. Even if you work in a restaurant or café kitchen which is not being used during the day, it’s unlikely that they’ll have so much equipment. So the logical answer is to rent a commercial kitchen which has everything that you’re looking for.

Advantages of a Commercial Kitchen

At the Cookline’s commercial kitchen, you’ll find 16 burners, 20 prep tables, 20 qt mixers, plenty of refrigerator space and a number of pots and pans available for your students to use. You can even teach a baking class because our kitchen has four regular ovens and four convection ovens. That’s still a large number of ovens, given how much space an oven takes up. In addition, you’ll find a chargriller, a flat top griddle and an electric smoker if you want to demonstrate recipes that involve the use of these to your students.

Now all that’s left is for you to summon all your enthusiasm so that you can show your students exactly how great it can be to cook a meal for themselves and for others.

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