What to Know About Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When starting a catering company or restaurant, or even just making a large amount of food for a party or event, you learn rather quickly that standard kitchen equipment just won’t cut the mustard (sometimes literally). Whether it’s a question of space, size, or power, the equipment made for use in homes just isn’t what you need to get the job done as a professional. For that, you need to turn to commercial kitchen equipment.

What to Know About Commercial Kitchen Equipment

What’s the difference? More than you’d expect, really. For one, there are many more options for what can be part of a commercial kitchen compared to most standard home kitchens, like burners specifically for woks or large stock pots. Dedicated deep fryers are also quite common, complete with deep fry baskets.

The amount of space at your disposal is also a major benefit, giving cooks plenty of space to move around in and more room for equipment. Home kitchens are often cramped given that there’s an entire house built around them. If you live with pets, too, your kitchen may not be sanitary enough to use for restaurant quality meal prep. None of this is an issue for a commercial kitchen, though.

The equipment in commercial kitchens is oftentimes more efficient on the whole, too. Large capacity dishwashers that take less time to clean and do a more thorough job than home versions, larger food storage areas like fridges and freezers, and plenty of shelves for storage space all work together to make the commercial kitchen a model for productivity.

In the end, it’s clear that commercial kitchens and their equipment are on another level compared to home kitchens. If you’re in the position to need a commercial kitchen space, contact The Cookline today. They have kitchen/office spaces measuring around 6,000 square feet with tons of amenities, perfect for chefs in need.