Secrets to a Killer Taco: 6 Critical Elements Tender Spiced Meat

Are you ready to host your next cooking event for your valued foodies? A flavorful and tender protein is the heart of a great taco. Whether you go with meat, fish, beans or tofu this is your chance to bring the satisfying core of each bite of this adored street food.  Let’s dive in to secrets to a killer taco: 6 Critical Elements Tender Spiced Meat!

Secrets to a Killer Taco: 6 Critical Elements Tender Spiced Meat

Be creative with spice blends – the earthy goodness of cumin and a little zing from some pulverized dried chili is enough to set the basic tone. If you decide to go for more complex flavors with a larger blend of spices, be sure to keep other topping flavors simple so they won’t compete for star of the show.

Slow roasting is the best method for large cuts high in fat. For leaner meats and tofu, focus on the perfect rub or marinade cook with a fast sear over a hot flame. Resting your meat before slicing is critical to preserving natural moisture.

Corn Tortillas

Simple. Corn tortillas have much more flavor than their flour cousins. Toast them just before filling to add some smokiness and cook the raw taste out.

Acid Element

No taco is complete without an acid component. Although salsa can provide this, recent trends in taco fusion cuisine have taken this element to the next level with creative additions such as pickled veggies like onions, carrots or beets.

Creamy Dressing

A creamy dressing, even in a small quantity, provides the fat necessary to tie all of the flavors together in each bite. Think of it as the flavor “glue” of your taco. You can add some of the spices you used for your meat component to create depth of flavor with this element.


Texture is just as critical as flavor in the perfect taco. The soft bite of the meat and tortilla need to be contrasted with some crunch if you want to really impress friends with your taco talents.

Often you can combine the crunch with your creamy and acid elements, such as with a quick cabbage slaw. If you are trying out some Asian fusion flavors for a vegetarian taco, try some toasted nuts to add some snap.

Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs such as cilantro, parsley or chive bring a finishing touch that adds a bright vibrancy to your taco creation. They will bet the first and last taste of each bite, leading your guests back for more.

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