What is on the Back Burner of Your Life?

Do you feel your current kitchen is too small to support the big dreams you envision? Maybe you’ve been that person who has inevitably turned your kitchen into your baking or cooking space, selling creative products from your home. Perhaps you’ve been looking for a place to expand your culinary ventures further, but haven’t found the best fit so far. If so, why not check out our solution that provides a workable kitchen and office space which is comprised of over 6,000 square feet and houses a multitude of various amenities?

What is on the Back Burner of Your Life?

Why Chose Us?

At The Cookline, we support visionaries and entrepreneurs who are looking for optimal space and amenities to expand their operation. We hope many others will join this terrific opportunity to foster an environment of creative individuals who share a passion for food and want to foster growth. We hope to join in on the movement of breaking down barriers for culinary visionaries and small businesses through our specialty kitchen which also features a dedicated tasting and event room that can be used in collaboration with our specialty kitchen. It can be used to host events, food tasting parties, or even your very own baking or cooking class!

Furthermore, we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Since our facility is locked at all times, in order to gain access, clients will receive a pass code to gain access to the kitchen.

On top of making use of the equipment we provide, we always encourage our clients to bring their own equipment to the kitchen to be used and then even stored at our facility for a reasonable price until the next time they visit. If you’re interested in expanding the possibilities of your culinary ventures, give us a holler here and we would be happy to talk with you!