5 Practical and Aesthetic Packaging Tips for Your Food Items

Every chef knows that it’s not just the taste of the food that matters but also its presentation. And if you’re preparing food items that are sold in packaging, then you need to make sure that the packaging looks hygienic as well as attractive. And this is what you can accomplish with the packaging room at the Cookline. You can prepare the food that you are planning to distribute in the professional kitchen at The Cookline and then package it in the packaging room, thus making the process hygienic and convenient. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Buyer hand with walnut packaging in the store
  1. Packaging Size: The size of the packaging will depend on the product you are creating and selling. For items such as hummus and bean dips, chefs generally use a smaller size container while for items such as salads, bread, croissants etc, you’ll generally need a larger size package.
  2. Packaging Shape: In general, chefs opt for a packaging shape which displays the item in an attractive way. Clear plastic boxes and bags are often the packaging of choice. However, if you’ve got a brand that emphasizes sustainability, you may go for biodegradable packaging, such as paper.
  3. Cooling Food Items: As a chef, you probably already know that it’s important to wait for the food items you’ve prepared to cool down first before packaging them. Putting hot food items into plastic packaging can result in the packaging melting. If you are using paper, you may find the food item seeps through the paper, leading to stains.
  4. Hygiene: As a chef, you already know the importance of hygiene in the kitchen. The chef’s toque, hair nets, the chef’s coats, gloves worn in the kitchen etc. all help in maintaining a high standard of hygiene. Just keep in mind that the same precautions need to be taken when you have staff working to package items in the packaging room.
  5. Labeling: In addition to just putting food items in packets, you’re also going to need to label them to make sure that customers can see what’s going into their food. Plus, it’s also important to put an expiration date based on when you prepared that item so that people don’t end up eating food that’s expired.

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