Can You Benefit From Renting a Commercial Kitchen?

Most people can start a food business in their home kitchen through the cottage kitchen laws that many states have on their books, but your capacity will be limited by your residential oven and home refrigerator. If you plan to produce in volume you will need to do your cooking in a commercial kitchen. The Cookline offers a solution for when your home kitchen will no longer accommodate your cooking needs.  They have a fully functioning kitchen will all of the amenities in a 6,000 square foot space.  Here’s how you can benefit from renting a commercial kitchen:

Can You Benefit From Renting a Commercial Kitchen?


For those of us that have baked in our home, we know all too well what goes into it.  Especially if it is a big project like holiday cookies or any large get together.  First, you have to remove any unnecessary appliances from your counters.  Then, the takeover begins with baking sheets, mixers, mixing bowls, and utensils occupying every available inch.  And then, your small oven can only cook so many things at once.

Imagine if you had a restaurant grade kitchen to work out of temporarily?

Food Truck Operators

Depending on the menu or the setup of the food truck, operators might benefit from renting a commercial kitchen for their food preparation.  Having the product prepared and organized will help with ease of execution.


Chances are if you are catering an event, the venue has at least a kitchenette for you to use.  But what if the event is outside or the venue is bare bones?  Or what if you have always catered up to 200 and now you have an opportunity to feed 800?  The Cookline may be your best option.

Personal Chefs

Sometimes it is possible to use the client’s kitchen for preparing food.  But if you are not familiar with their space and equipment, it would be a better option to rent a commercial kitchen.  You do not want to get to your client’s house just to find out that their oven doesn’t work.


Have you stood witness to an event that had your mother’s or your grandmother’s kitchen in total disarray?  Multiple people try to help, but there just isn’t room.  What if all of the helpers were able to meet at a commercial kitchen to prepare that Thanksgiving meal?

Other Benefits of Renting a Commercial Kitchen

  • Space utilization
  • Fast paced work flow
  • Ergonomics for comfort and safety
  • Smart way to save energy
  • Standards and compliance
  • Improved cleanliness

No matter what your reason for considering a commercial kitchen, The Cookline can accommodate your needs.  Contact them here to schedule a tour.