Host Your Next Wine Tasting at The Cookline

Did you know? The 6,100-year-old remains of a winery were discovered in what is now present-day Armenia. Evidence at the site indicates that these ancient wine-makers pressed the juice from domesticated grapevines, allowing the juice to drain into a large vat where the fermentation process could then take place.

Host Your Next Wine Tasting at The Cookline

Since then, wine and the process of making it has spread throughout the world. Italy, France, Spain, and the USA have taken the wine-making tradition and created a wide variety of wines with varying textures and flavors unique to their regions. From the rich reds of the Cabernet of the Bordeaux region in France to the fruity, spicy Zinfandels of California, there is no better way to discover or enjoy the complexities of the world’s finest wines than with a wine tasting.

Although a wine tasting can be as formal or informal as you choose, there are still a few hard-and-fast rules of thumb to follow. Make sure your venue of choice – whether it’s your dining room or a professional venue – is spacious and well-lit. Adequate space on the table ensures that guests will have enough room for their glasses, plates, and notes. Also, a well-lit venue helps guests better assess the brightness, color, and sparkle of the wines they will be sampling throughout the evening. White table cloths are also a welcome addition as they give the wine taster a good baseline for assessing the wine’s color and appearance.

Next, make sure to provide spittoons or spit buckets for your guests in case they choose to taste but not drink the wines. Palate cleansers such as French bread and some cheeses can be offered with the wines. However, if you wish to pair the wines with meals or light appetizers, make sure the spices and flavors in your dishes complement the wine you’ll be serving.

A wine tasting can be a fun and sophisticated event. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur looking to add some more interesting wines to your collection or a professional looking to find just the right wine to pair with that daily special, we have a well-lit, comfortable venue ready to host your next wine tasting. Feel free to contact us for more details.