Starting a Cupcake Business is Easier Than You Think with Our Commercial Kitchen

So you have decided starting a cupcake business is your calling. With hot shows like Cupcake Wars and DC Cupcakes all over television, the population is excited about this little confectionery treat with a big personality. Baking and selling these popular sweets can be an exciting and profitable adventure!

Starting a Cupcake Business is Easier Than You Think with Our Commercial Kitchen

Keep Startup Costs Down by Renting a Commercial Kitchen

According to, “over 80% of food businesses that had their start in a commercial kitchen are thriving today”. And that’s because renting a commercial kitchen can allow you to begin your business venture with lower startup costs.

With equipment included in the hourly rental rate, you don’t have to worry about purchasing all the cookware and appliances needed to prep, bake, and decorate. At The Cookline, we offer the use of:

  • 4 convection ovens
  • 4 standard ovens
  • 16 burners
  • 20 qt mixers
  • chargrilled
  • flat top griddle
  • electric smoker
  • 20 prep tables
  • plenty of pots/pans/utensils

We also have 400 SQ feet of dry storage space and a dedicated tasting room for rent. If you find yourself needing an office for your growing cupcake business, we also have 10 offices located on-site.

Bake Any Time Any Day

Having a flexible schedule when your business is getting off the ground is important. Conveniently just minutes from Dallas, you can decide which days and hours you need and which you don’t base on how your orders are doing. The kitchen is available to book any day of the week and at any hour of the day or night.

Tricky Kitchen Laws

Our commercial kitchen at The Cookline is fully licensed so you won’t have to spend your days researching how to create or find a health code compliant kitchen. This will allow you to put your apron on, get creative right away and start your cupcake dream!

Gourmet cupcakes are popular for a reason! With a little determination and help from our facility, you can make your vision a success! Contact us with any additional questions or to schedule a free tour of our kitchen! We hope that you make it your cupcake baking home!