Step up your Networking with a Wine Tasting Event!

Networking is a necessary evil for most professionals. Most networking events are pretty dull, offering no more excitement or intrigue than a day at you desk. An afternoon or evening of shaking hands, making small talk and passing out business cards. At the end of the event you end up with a handful of business cards from new acquaintances, but give it a day, and you would be hard pressed to match a face to that business card.

Step up your Networking with a Wine Tasting Event!

Make your next networking event stand out from the crowd. Give your attendees a networking event to look forward to. Host a wine tasting at The Cookline in Plano, Tx. Wine tastings are a great way to engage busy professionals.

Wine tasting events give busy professionals a chance to unwind and relax, while still making the all important connections.

Not only will the wine tasting allow for a more natural development of conversation, it will also instantly give them something in common to discuss. It allows new connections to develop more naturally, not to mention more memorably.

People are much more likely to remember someone when they share something in common, even something as simple as the love of a particular wine. Not only will you be making your company or organization stand out from the crowd of dull events, you’re also giving all of the attendees a better chance at making a life changing connection!

Don’t forget to leave some time after the official tasting for your attendees to mingle and pass out business cards. With a shared evening of tasting there is a built-in conversation starter, making conversations easier and more likely to extend beyond small talk.

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